I advise companies, works councils, employers and employees on all aspects of Dutch and European employment law, co-determination and any privacy law issues in relation thereto.

Sharing knowledge

In addition to conducting a legal practice, I lecture at various educational institutions acknowledged by the Dutch Bar Association. Also, I give in-house training and workshops for organisations, companies and law firms.


For long-term or complex projects and change processes in relation to Employment, Co­-determination or Privacy, I provide project management services or join as interim consultant in the heart of the organisation.


About me

I am a lawyer and owner of Human scale law.

Specialising in employment, co-determination and privacy, my legal practice covers all aspects of Dutch and European employment law, co-determination law and (HR-related) privacy law.

My background is diverse. I have many years experience working in the legal profession and have also worked within the judicial organisation and the business sector. When I returned to the legal profession in 2008, my focus shifted from company law to employment law, co-determination and (HR-related) privacy matters.


—  Karolina Dorenbos, Advocaat 






Karolina Dorenbos

Jurist | Lawyer

E: kd@humanscalelaw.nl

M:+31 6 430 50 360


Address: Burenweg 12, 1851 CP Heiloo

KvK: 71796479


While a fitting solution to your legal concern is essential, a transparent fee structure is equally important. We will agree on a fee before I accept an assignment. The fee may either be a fixed one, a realistic estimate or a fee charged at an hourly rate.

The costs for a fitting solution will be charged every month by means of a clear invoice that shows what you pay for.

Standard Conditions

Each assignment that I take on, is governed by Human scale law's Standard Conditions.


What if you have a complaint? Should you be dissatisfied with the services provided, please let me know. Human scale law has a complaints procedure that applies to all assignments.


We will discuss your complaint to find a fitting solution.



If you retain me to assist you as a lawyer, to share knowledge with you as a lecturer and/or to assist your organisation as an interim specialist, I will respect your privacy and will process personal data of you as a Controller within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).